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Whether you’re proud of your beautiful home or you think it needs work, it’s inspiring to imagine how you can expand its potential. The stylistic and structural changes of a renovation will take you to many places, but additions can radically transform the nature of your home on a new level.

Stylistic Consistency

A central challenge in taking on a home addition or add-on is ensuring that the added elements are convincingly blended with the rest of your home. This is something to bear in mind with any type, regardless of how complex or demanding it might be. There are few things more unsightly and detrimental to curb appeal than an addition that sticks out like a sore thumb and disrupts the aesthetic flow of the entire building. Fortunately, if you choose the right contractor, you’ll have the peace of mind you need. When our clients come to us for additions, they can be assured that the finished result will look as though it had always been there.

Structural Integrity

When performing serious modifications to the appearance and structure of your home, looks are important, but they’re not everything. Mistakes in design may cost you in curb appeal, but mistakes in the physical integrity of an add-on can have pretty disastrous consequences. Unlike many renovation projects, additions expand or change the footprint of your home itself, requiring extra care when it comes to its foundation and other architectural elements. Our combined experience is fully comprehensive, allowing us to design and execute additions that truly hold up, not just stylistically but also structurally.

Thinking Long Term

Depending on the nature of the project you have in mind, adding on could offer you some pretty attractive long-term benefits when it comes to the value of your home. When done properly, bumping up the square footage or adding particularly in-demand or luxurious features can take the versatility and desirability of a house farther than ever. This is especially true if your home lacks features that others in your neighbourhood already have. If you’ve ever looked things over and gotten the feeling that your home has the potential to become something even greater than it is now, you’ve got the add-on bug. It’s time to explore the possibilities!

What additions are you dreaming up for your home? As Calgary’s finest renovation contractor, we would love to turn your home addition dreams into a reality, giving you the best value in town while we do it. Give us a call today at (403) 473-7499 to schedule a free in-home consultation!

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