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When looking for a home, many will choose the one that speaks to them the most, and then make small changes along the way to make it more comfortable. However, if you want to think big and go even further, why not a custom home that is designed and renovated fully to your specifications?


From Beginning to End

Anyone who has experienced the process of a design-build renovation will tell you that there is nothing quite like watching your ideal home materialize. Not only this, but the feeling of pride and accomplishment that comes from living inside a home that you helped to create is truly second to none. It fosters a closer and more meaningful bond with your property, marking an unforgettable moment in the story of your family. When piloted by the right team of professionals, your custom design-build will prove to be an exciting and inspiring journey, one whose results will endure for years and even generations to come.

The Truest Expression of You

A design-build is more than just a renovation project. Some homeowners are forced to adapt to the nature of their home, but when you fully custom renovate one yourself, a new level of flexibility and possibility emerges. This is a project which becomes not only a space you live in, but one that is truly and wholly an expression of you and your family. Helping homeowners across Calgary grab hold of this experience is one of the most fulfilling aspects of our job.

Your Vision, Our Mission

Designing and renovating a home is a project of significant scale. It takes focus, dedication, and most importantly, the right team with a totally comprehensive set of skills. We built our company on a foundation of extensive and versatile construction, design, and architectural experience. From conceptualization and development to permitting, budgeting, and beyond, we’ve strived to become the one-stop shop that every ambitious homeowner deserves. Most families dream of a custom home that faithfully and beautifully represents their vision, and we have everything you need to make yours a reality!

Envision Custom Renovations unites several of Calgary’s greatest renovation specialists to form a team unlike any other. Your custom home will require the artistry, time-efficiency, and overall standard of service that only we can provide, so call or email us today for a complimentary consultation!

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