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    Bathroom Renovations

    Why put up with a pit stop when you can spend time in a sanctuary? Summon spa-like ambience in your bathroom with custom details like granite and glass walls for your shower. Heated floors make feet happy during a long winter. Slide serenely into your soaker tub with unsightly clutter hidden in new drawers and cabinets. More use of natural light will bring Zen to the room for the humble abode. And adding another sink to your updated retreat can do wonders for calming tensions.

    Envision Bathroom Renovation Standard Features.

    • Remove all old drywall (except ceiling if insulation above)
    • Mold free drywall installed
    • Densheild around tub / shower to ceiling
    • New shower valves and controls
    • Water shut offs to toilet and sink
    • 110 CFM bath fan
    • 3/8” spruce subfloor glued and screwed
    • 1-1/4” stone counters
    • Custom sized vanities
    • New GFCI and switches

    Transform your home into LUXURY LIVING.