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    Backyard Custom Decks

    Calgary and its surrounding areas are renowned for their natural beauty. Our winters may be harsh, but we make up for it with the ornate colours of fall and the lush scenery of spring and summer. What better way to integrate your home with the great outdoors than a custom deck?

    For those who don’t have a deck, it may seem to be little more than a place to sit, stand, or walk around. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you have a beautifully made deck that was designed specifically for your home and your needs, you get an incredible value for what you invest. It extends the environment of your home in a way that allows you to enjoy the outdoors in absolute comfort and with the utmost elegance. It’s also a place to spend time with friends and family, whether you’re playing games, having a barbeque, or enjoying a glass of lemonade at the end of a long week. These memories can last a lifetime.

    As with many types of additions or renovations, a custom deck has the potential to add much more than just physical space to your home. It can add a significant amount of value and appeal, especially when it’s executed in a way that enhances both the functionality of your outdoor space and the aesthetics of your exterior. For many homes, this completes the overall ensemble and establishes an enticing and inviting quality. No matter what style it exudes, from sleek, modern luxury to a cozy, rustic feel, your home is an experience. A custom deck can be the cherry on top that elevates that experience perfectly.

    Once you know that a custom deck is just what your home needs, what’s the first step towards making it happen? You’ve probably guessed it: finding the right crew to design and build that deck to exactly the specifications you desire. Our team has more than enough skill and experience to manifest your deck from start to finish. Our extensive knowledge in both natural and composite materials, proper design and construction procedure, permitting, and other aspects of decking will ensure the finest results possible. When you work with us, you get a custom deck that is as durable and expertly-built as it is beautiful!

    The team at Envision Custom Renovations can tackle deck projects of any size. From small patios to multi-level decks and wraparounds, we’ll make it happen exactly per your specifications and schedule. Call (403) 473-7499 to arrange a consultation free of charge!

    Transform your home into LUXURY LIVING.