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When Renovations Go Wrong

Whether it’s the entire home or a single room, renovation is not a project to take lightly. Many people want to reinvent their space for the better, but not everyone chooses the right professionals to help make it happen. If you don’t, any number of things are prone to go wrong.

Poor Design & Construction

It’s no secret that renovations take time and money to complete. If you’re investing all that time and money into such an important project, its design and construction should maintain the highest standard of quality possible. Both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the space should be planned and executed with the utmost care. Otherwise, you could find yourself confronted with a room or home that doesn’t align with your vision and isn’t built to the proper standards. Without a skilled Calgary home renovation team, and the right materials, you could very well end up with a result that isn’t worth what went into it.

Safety & Permitting Issues

Of course, construction standards are more about aesthetics alone. There is also the all-important issue of safety to account for. This is a key concern both during the renovation process and long after. If you attempt certain jobs yourself or opt for a sub-par renovation team to help out, you could be compromising the long-term structural integrity and safety of the features that are being renovated. In addition, it’s quite common for homeowners to disregard or be unaware of the necessary permitting for certain types of projects. If you’re hoping to build an addition, for example, it’s critical that your paperwork is in order.

Unreliable Contractors

If there’s one renovation problem that can potentially lead to a host of others, it’s choosing renovation contractors who can’t be depended upon. No matter what the scale of your home renovation project is, scheduling and logistics can make or break both your experience and the result. Sadly, there are far too many renovation teams out there who are prone to delays, poor communication, messy scheduling, and inefficient or deceptive budgeting. This is why it’s so important to work with renovators who are devoted to providing the best experience that they possibly can. You deserve it, and so does your home.

When the look, feel, and structural integrity of your home are on the line, there’s no sense taking chances. Envision Custom Renovations has the experience to offer you a smooth and successful renovation experience. Give us a call at (403) 473-7499 for an in-home consultation!

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3 DIY Projects You Should Never Do Yourself - Envision Custom Renovations - Home Renovations Calgary

3 DIY Projects You Should Never Do Yourself

Home improvement can be straightforward and relatively painless, or it can be a disaster. It all depends on who is tackling the job at hand. Taking the DIY route at home might save money, but there are some projects that should always be left to an experienced professional.

Advanced Plumbing and Electrical

Some plumbing tasks are certainly within the purview of the average homeowner. However, deeper projects such as major repairs and fixture replacements, serious blockages, or water heater installations are the territory of a plumber or another appropriate specialist. It simply isn’t worth the risk of injuring yourself or causing new damage. Likewise, small electrical jobs like dimmer switches can be DIY-friendly, but advanced tasks such as installing major light fixtures, repairing large appliances, or adding to the existing circuitry of the home are all best left to the pros. Electrical shock and fire hazards are worth avoiding!

Roofing and Siding/Cladding

No home is invulnerable to the effects of age, weather, and other sources of wear and tear, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Repair and restoration of your roofing and your siding or cladding should be reserved for those who do it for a living. Roofing work is extremely unsafe for the inexperienced, and any ill-fated attempt at laying new roof tiles or installing new siding or cladding could result in costly damage and leakage. Professionals not only bring their skill to the table, they can also offer you warranties and other assurances that will keep your exterior in good hands and put your mind at ease.  

Demoing and Remodeling

Demolition, renovation, and remodeling can all take many different forms. Some of it may seem surmountable without help, but think carefully. Anything involving structural changes, such as the removal of a load bearing wall, should be left to seasoned renovators. Even non-structural changes to single rooms are prone to go awry when you’re not working with professionals, both from a safety standpoint and in terms of design. Don’t risk an outcome you’ll regret—if you’re going to transform a part of your home, make sure it’s done right by choosing the right people to do it for you!

From small-scale remodels to complete teardowns and custom homes, Envision Custom Renovation can do it all. Our clients love us because we pair this range of expertise with the most attentive and time-efficient service possible. Call us at (403) 473-7499 to learn more!

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Envision Custom Renovations

You Need Responsible Contractors

When getting started on your renovations, it’s absolutely vital that you be able to trust the contractors you’re working with. Unfortunately, there are several supposed contractors out there who take advantage of your faith and the bustle of the project to leave your expectations wanting. In this kind of situation, both the quality of the renovation and your wallet end up hurting.

Mike Holmes of The Holmes Group recently shared an article discussing the phenomenon of “bait-and-switch” contractors, known for presenting one thing during the negotiations only to pull the rug out from under you while the renovations are underway, whether it’s about the quality materials being used or about who is actually coming into your home to do the work.

You spend time with the contractor during contract negotiations. He seems like a nice person—someone you can work with—and sign a contract with him even though the price was a little higher than the other candidates.

“Terrific!” he says as he takes your deposit, “We’ll start Monday.” Then on Monday, some guy you never met with the name of another company on the side of his truck shows up and starts tearing up your house. It is likely and legitimate that the subtrades like electrician and plumbing will be separate companies, but not the site supervisor or the labourer that is on site every day.

When it comes to renovations, you need to know that the contractors you’re negotiating with value the integrity of their work and respect your part in the renovation project by keeping you fully informed of everything that is going on. Learn more about what Mike Holmes has to say about bait and switch contractors here.

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Deck Season

After this seemingly never-ending winter, patio season is now just around the corner. If you have a current deck, or need to have one built, now is a great time to get started on drawing up plans for a new one.

Many options are available for materials such as pressure treated wood, cedar, rolled vinyl, composite decking such as Trex and exotic woods including kayu.

If you would like to replace only the top of your decking, remember that the joists probably are in rough shape as well or sometimes are just spruce non-treated material. Wood only has a finite life, and you don’t want to put a new deck on a decaying frame. It might seem like you are saving money at the beginning, however, this will result in more money being spent in the long run. Ensure your deck has a great foundation and it will last for years to come.

Any deck over 600mm off the ground requires a permit from the city, even if you are rebuilding a previous deck to the same size. Any deck over 600mm also requires railings. At Envision Custom Renovations we will create all the drawings required from the city, and apply for your permit building permit and look after the inspections, all of which you will receive copies of.

Please contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation so you can have the deck of your dreams!

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Transformation Tuesday – DeWinton Kitchen

We love a good before and after! On this transformation Tuesday we are sharing a kitchen renovation that we completed in DeWinton. This family of five was struggling with their lack of storage space and the lack of functionality in their kitchen.

As you can see, there was a major lack of counter and storage space. The homeowner loves cooking and baking with her three young children, and there just was not enough space for all of them in the kitchen!

To accomplish their vision of a family-friendly kitchen with enough storage space we installed custom cabinetry to the ceiling and a large island.

There is ample room for storage now with multiple cupboards and drawers surrounding the kitchen and in the island. There is also a full pantry with soft-close dovetail drawers.

The countertops and backsplash are hand planed quartzite. The light colours really help to open up this space and the dark island helps to add contrast.

This kitchen is now perfect for cooking and enjoying family time.  To see more of this kitchen, click here!

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Home and Garden Show 2018

Thinking about a home renovation project? We will be at the Calgary Home and Garden Show from March 1-4, 2018 at the BMO Centre. Our booth has been newly re-designed, and we cannot wait to show it off! Pop by the Envision Custom Renovations at booth #409 to get inspired and have all your renovation questions answered.

The Home and Garden Show is a great place to interview several contractors over the course of a day and have your questions answered by professionals. This year’s show features a tiny home village, a wine lounge and the Telus Future Home.

Speaking with customers and educating them about the renovation process and pros and cons of remodeling their space is one of our Project Manager Alan’s favorite things about attending the home show, “Whether they become customers or not, it is always great to be able to give people some tips about choosing the right renovation company.”

Be sure to stop by with your list of questions for our knowledgeable team, take a look at our before and after photo boards, or just to say hello!

To learn more about the Calgary Home and Garden Show click here .

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Playhouse Parade – Calgary Renovation Show


Envision Custom Renovations Playhouse 2017


Who said exquisite homes are just for adults?

Get ready, you may find yourself playing in the backyard with your little ones a lot more often after you’ve perused the Playhouse Parade at the Calgary Renovation Show (Jan 13-15th 2017 at the BMO Centre). Envision Custom Renovations imaginations will run wild, creating the ultimate play home, adapting all the features of a dream home into a little backyard haven with adventurous kiddos in mind. Built for play, you won’t want to miss these incredible creations with awe-inspiring details. Even better, place your bid for the chance to take a playhouse home! Each of the mini-masterpieces will be auctioned off with proceeds benefiting the Rotary Flames House through the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.


Meet Lewiston

lewiston-imageAt just two and a half months old. Lewiston Olstad was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 1. a condition that causes nerve cells in the lower part of the brain and spinal cord to break down and stop sending signals to the body’s muscles. Lewiston received incredible love, care and treatment from the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, while spending his days at the Rotary Flames House, a hospice that serves families caring for their children with progres-sive life-threatening conditions, where mom Jessica, dad Ronnie and little sister Swayzie could be by his side. While Lewiston’s jour-ney ended on November 22. 2016, the Rotary Flames House provided a sanctuary for this brave little boy and his family. All proceeds from the Playhouse Parade silent auction will be shared with the Rotary Flames House in honour of Love for Lewiston.



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