News3 Interior Design Trends for the New Year

January 15, 2019

Now that 2019 is underway, it’s the perfect time to consider your options for reinventing and revitalizing your interior. No matter what rooms you plan on renovating or redecorating, there are a number of exciting design trends on the rise for the new year. Let’s look at a few examples!

Rich Textures & Bold Colour

When it comes to texture and colour, a less-is-more approach has been common for some time, but this is expected to change in 2019. While there’s still plenty of room for subtlety if desired, homeowners are looking to spice things up with rich, distinctive surfaces and clever use of striking hues. Whether it’s primary colours against white architectural features, elegant jewel tones, classy velvet, or terrazzo tile, there are countless directions to go in. Naturally, applying these colours and textures is best done with a careful and tasteful approach, but the general idea is that neutral minimalism will quickly look dated if you hold onto it too tightly.

Natural Shapes

What is true of textures and colour will also be true of shapes in the coming year. Straight, clean, and rigid lines are expected to step out of the spotlight and give way to a more natural, organic flow. This is particularly true when it comes to furniture, as curvy couches and rounded-back chairs are expected to make a particularly notable comeback. Rounded tabletops and rugs will also continue to rise in popularity, giving you an opportunity to introduce a playful flair to living rooms and rec rooms. In addition to this, patterns for wallpaper, backsplash, and tiling will be increasingly comprised of curved, rounded, and natural motifs.

Going for Gold

There are few materials as timeless as gold. From rustic to decadent, it has a way of driving home a wide range of atmospheric and thematic qualities depending on how it’s applied. In 2019, we can expect gold accents to become especially popular. Gold patinas and black gold, for instance, can accompany raw natural textures for a truly stunning look. The tricky part is using it without disrupting the cohesion of the space, distracting the eye, or simply going overboard. It may also be wise to avoid rose gold, which seems to be on its way out. Have an interior design expert help you make the right decisions for your particular space.

Do any of these interior design trends speak to you? We’ve only scratched the surface of what 2019 has in store for homeowners, so if you want to explore your options with the best guidance available, the Envision team is here to help. Call us at (403) 473-7499 to transform your home!

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