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August 15, 2018

When getting started on your renovations, it’s absolutely vital that you be able to trust the contractors you’re working with. Unfortunately, there are several supposed contractors out there who take advantage of your faith and the bustle of the project to leave your expectations wanting. In this kind of situation, both the quality of the renovation and your wallet end up hurting.

Mike Holmes of The Holmes Group recently shared an article discussing the phenomenon of “bait-and-switch” contractors, known for presenting one thing during the negotiations only to pull the rug out from under you while the renovations are underway, whether it’s about the quality materials being used or about who is actually coming into your home to do the work.

You spend time with the contractor during contract negotiations. He seems like a nice person—someone you can work with—and sign a contract with him even though the price was a little higher than the other candidates.

“Terrific!” he says as he takes your deposit, “We’ll start Monday.” Then on Monday, some guy you never met with the name of another company on the side of his truck shows up and starts tearing up your house. It is likely and legitimate that the subtrades like electrician and plumbing will be separate companies, but not the site supervisor or the labourer that is on site every day.

When it comes to renovations, you need to know that the contractors you’re negotiating with value the integrity of their work and respect your part in the renovation project by keeping you fully informed of everything that is going on. Learn more about what Mike Holmes has to say about bait and switch contractors here.

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