NewsTurning Your Unfinished Basement into the Ultimate Family Room

December 22, 2018

A good family room can bring everyone closer together. A great family room can do this and so much more. When you create a unique and exciting space for all of that quality time, you also elevate the overall experience of your home. Your basement is the perfect room for the job.

Why the Basement?

If you haven’t yet seized the full potential of your basement, converting it into the ultimate family room is one of the best ways to do so. It’s an opportunity to create an entirely new addition to your home without having to expand its footprint. While you may want to simply use your living room for family R&R, there’s a lot to be said for keeping these rooms distinct from one another, A dedicated family room encourages dedicated family time, while also allowing you to optimize your living room for entertaining guests. Since it feels quite independent from the rest of your home, a basement is the ideal venue to bring this idea to life.

How to Approach It

Successfully converting your basement into a great family room will require diligent planning and careful execution, with particular attention in certain areas. Wiring and plumbing should be inspected so that you can determine what kind of internal infrastructure your family room will need. Ventilation, moisture management, and installation of appropriate windows are also important to consider, not to mention insulation. Radon testing may be necessary as well, and any potential pest problems should be investigated and thwarted as early as possible. All of this should be undertaken with the help of professional renovators and the necessary permitting.

A Few Ideas

When you have an experienced Calgary renovation team helping you create your new family room, they can run through key design ideas with you in order to develop a clear and feasible vision. Do you want to integrate a home entertainment system, or will your basement family room serve more as a game room? If your home is built on a hillside in the appropriate fashion, you may be able to create a walkout basement which opens to your yard. It all depends on the individual character of your family and how you like to spend time together. Whatever your vision may be, that basement is a blank canvas just waiting to be transformed.

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