News3 DIY Projects You Should Never Do Yourself

November 15, 2018

Home improvement can be straightforward and relatively painless, or it can be a disaster. It all depends on who is tackling the job at hand. Taking the DIY route at home might save money, but there are some projects that should always be left to an experienced professional.

Advanced Plumbing and Electrical

Some plumbing tasks are certainly within the purview of the average homeowner. However, deeper projects such as major repairs and fixture replacements, serious blockages, or water heater installations are the territory of a plumber or another appropriate specialist. It simply isn’t worth the risk of injuring yourself or causing new damage. Likewise, small electrical jobs like dimmer switches can be DIY-friendly, but advanced tasks such as installing major light fixtures, repairing large appliances, or adding to the existing circuitry of the home are all best left to the pros. Electrical shock and fire hazards are worth avoiding!

Roofing and Siding/Cladding

No home is invulnerable to the effects of age, weather, and other sources of wear and tear, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Repair and restoration of your roofing and your siding or cladding should be reserved for those who do it for a living. Roofing work is extremely unsafe for the inexperienced, and any ill-fated attempt at laying new roof tiles or installing new siding or cladding could result in costly damage and leakage. Professionals not only bring their skill to the table, they can also offer you warranties and other assurances that will keep your exterior in good hands and put your mind at ease.

Demoing and Remodeling

Demolition, renovation, and remodeling can all take many different forms. Some of it may seem surmountable without help, but think carefully. Anything involving structural changes, such as the removal of a load bearing wall, should be left to seasoned renovators. Even non-structural changes to single rooms are prone to go awry when you’re not working with professionals, both from a safety standpoint and in terms of design. Don’t risk an outcome you’ll regret—if you’re going to transform a part of your home, make sure it’s done right by choosing the right people to do it for you!

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